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DDFAO:what it?how work?why it?What price?

ddfao system

ddfao system

What is DDFAO?

1. What is a hawk show?

The French Eagle DDFAO electronic scanning system uses the world’s first low-voltage DC stimulation technology, and 3D reconstruction can visually see the whole body. Currently introduced in Tianjin, the disease risk of the body’s 15 major systems can be assessed in 5 minutes, and 201 system function values ​​and parameters (various organs, biochemistry, neurotransmitters, electrolytes, blood gas, pH, free radicals) are detected. Tumor risk, etc., and a comprehensive health guidance system.\

2. What is the scientific nature of the Eagle Show?

Eagle DDFAO automatic body health scanning system, developed by France, was first used in aerospace industry, achieved civilian use in 2004, and has obtained European CE certification, US FDA certification, ISO9001 quality system certification, China SFDA certification. And other authority certification. In the country, many well-known hospitals and medical examination institutions, including the People’s Liberation Army 301 Hospital, have introduced the equipment.

3. What are the characteristics of the Eagle Show?

Early understanding of the biological activity and functional status of functional human lesions in early stages, early warning of potential pitfalls such as tumors. Intelligent Full-automatic scanning, full intelligent analysis, and full-scale imaging. Accurate 5-level evaluation criteria, clinical compliance rate is greater than 85.7%.
Comprehensive 201 clinical indicators without missing detection, automatic risk assessment, grading. Fast 5 minutes to complete the body 9+12 system health scan, risk assessment
Non-invasive 1.25V low-voltage DC stimulation technology for non-invasive detection, 3D digital reconstruction.

ddfao 3d

What are the principles behind DDFAO ?

Unlike ENT or EAV devices (ElectroAcupuncture according to Voll), which might appear similar at first glance, DDFAO is NOT relying on a lengthy process of manually locating tiny measuring points on the acupuncture meridians throughout the body in order to evaluate ‘bio-energy flows’.

DDFAO is a true medical device which reliably measures bio-electroimpedances by mean of 6 convenient large flat pods and determines accurately body parameters like pH and blood pressures, thanks to its highly integrated electronic circuitry.

DDFAO’s integrated expert-like patented technology is also able to interpret these data by applying the neurophysiology principles and to propose automatically its own analysis of the patient’s risks in less than 3 minutes (measuring time included), instead of simply printing out the measurements results as a set of raw data which require significant time of a trained person for the analysis !

Unlike Body Composition Analyzers, devices of similar appearance which also measure bio-electroimpedances but determine only characteristics of the body like good and bad fat, weight of the bones, percentage of water…, with no further analysis, even for the most sophisticated ones, DDFAO expert-like system is able to deliver a full analytical report on the detailed functioning of the complete body with organs and systems (down to the hormones), along with quantifying the risks for pathologies, giving recommendations for conventional examinations, and suggestions for therapies.


How does DDFAO work ?

DDFAO is measuring the human body’s electrical activity, actually using the same principles which are behind the well-known EEG and ECG, but instead of focusing on brain or heart activities, DDFAO applies the technique to the entire body, to record an ElectroSomatoGram (ESG).

DDFAO is simply sending a harmless low DC-voltage (1.28V) to the patient’s body, by the mean of 6 electrodes in contact with his skin : two on his feet, two on his hands and two on his foreheads. By sequentially applying the positive polarity on each one of these electrodes while every other one is sequentially receiving the negative polarity, DDFAO initiates a migration of H+ and HC03- ions in the different tissues traversed, thus creating a very low DC-current which is measured on each of the 22 branches under analysis.

The bio-electroimpedance of each branch is then simply calculated by the application of Ohm’s Law and recorded as the ESG. Of course, each branch is composed of many organs and tissues but DDFAO’s patented cross-analysis algorithms allow to calculate the bio-electroimpedance of more than 69 different volumes (organs and surrounding tissues) in the human body and ultimately to determine the pH of each one of these volumes, whose pH is representative of their alkalosis or acidosis state, which is significative of trends or pathologies, according to the importance of this pH value.

The correlation between an organ’s bio-electroimpedance and its pH or blood pressure is not new : it was actually proved by numerous electro-physiological research that started as early as the middle of the 19th century (E. Du Bois Reymond, 1857). But at that time, this experimental work had no applicable usage in common practice because it would take way too long to manually make all the measurements and calculations needed to make a proper diagnosis : only the modern understanding of the neuro-physiology principles and the affordable and extensive power of today’s computers allowed fast calculations and the neurophysiology systems to be modelized into DDFAO.

ddfao system software ddfao system software

Why DDFAO diagnosis tool ?

In the old days, when the engine of your car was exhibiting some noisy or smelly sign of disorder, you had to refer it to a specialist : a skilled old-timer in a garage would appropriately stick his screw-driver on some specific spots of the running engine before delivering his sober diagnosis. Even though this looked magic, it worked most of the time, as long as you can find them… Since they universally tend to disappear these days, the modern car industry has come-up with new diagnosis tools which allow young mechanical engineers to deliver a timely and accurate functional diagnosis after hooking-up a computer-based analyzing tool to the engine –with no magic.

Each year, the medical industry is presenting new medical devices focusing on different pathologies, but very few medical devices like DDFAO are addressing the needs of the general practitioner to ease his search of the origin of his patient’s problem with a global approach, taking all systems into consideration, and shortening the time needed for his analysis work, not requesting laboratory examinations to start with.

Interestingly enough, outside of the surgical block where the patient’s functional state is monitored in detail, no medical device before DDFAO was addressing the needs of the functional medicine in the private doctor’s office or as initial check-up for screening purposes in school or in public hospitals, enabling quick locating of the origin of a problem, not just looking for symptoms to be treated.

As an example, an ECG will not provide a functional state of the heart. It is an ‘instant picture’ that may help to spot a problem in the heart, but one can have a good ECG and… an infraction one hour later ! It is actually requiring an arteriography to get the functional state of the heart but it is a heavy and costly examination. Like an arteriography, DDFAO will help the doctor to narrow the scope of the search and quickly evaluate the functioning of his patient’s heart and cardiovascular system –in 2 minutes, right in his office. If needed, the doctor will then suggest conventional examinations to his patient, to identify precisely a possible lesion.

ddfao pro software

ddfao pro system

What price of DDFAO system?

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