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How does DDFAO work?


How does DDFAO work ?

DDFAO is measuring the human body’s electrical activity, actually using the same principles which are behind the well-known EEG and ECG, but instead of focusing on brain or heart activities, DDFAO applies the technique to the entire body, to record an ElectroSomatoGram (ESG).

DDFAO is simply sending a harmless low DC-voltage (1.28V) to the patient’s body, by the mean of 6 electrodes in contact with his skin : two on his feet, two on his hands and two on his foreheads. By sequentially applying the positive polarity on each one of these electrodes while every other one is sequentially receiving the negative polarity, DDFAO initiates a migration of H+ and HC03- ions in the different tissues traversed, thus creating a very low DC-current which is measured on each of the 22 branches under analysis.

The bio-electroimpedance of each branch is then simply calculated by the application of Ohm’s Law and recorded as the ESG. Of course, each branch is composed of many organs and tissues but DDFAO’s patented cross-analysis algorithms allow to calculate the bio-electroimpedance of more than 69 different volumes (organs and surrounding tissues) in the human body and ultimately to determine the pH of each one of these volumes, whose pH is representative of their alkalosis or acidosis state, which is significative of trends or pathologies, according to the importance of this pH value.

The correlation between an organ’s bio-electroimpedance and its pH or blood pressure is not new : it was actually proved by numerous electro-physiological research that started as early as the middle of the 19th century (E. Du Bois Reymond, 1857). But at that time, this experimental work had no applicable usage in common practice because it would take way too long to manually make all the measurements and calculations needed to make a proper diagnosis : only the modern understanding of the neuro-physiology principles and the affordable and extensive power of today’s computers allowed fast calculations and the neurophysiology systems to be modelized into DDFAO.


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