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What are the applications of DDFAO?


What are the applications of DDFAO?

Screening and early detection
By pinpointing any discrepancy between the expected values measured in the different areas of the body which are linked together through the different body’s regulation systems modelized into DDFAO, all disorders in the organs and systems are highlighted, suggesting sensitivity to possible future pathologies and actions to be taken even before external symptoms have yet appeared. The operator-independent simple and quick procedure allows an high throughput for quick screening of large batches of population under scrutiny.

Functional diagnosis
DDFAO expert-like system analyzes the possible risks related to the current alkalosis or acidosis state of the organs and tissues of the patient, suggesting conventional examinations to assert the patient’s condition. DDFAO allows the doctor to look for the origin of a problem, not just treat the external symptoms.

It is to be noted that, like in a normal medical practice, knowing the clinical context of a patient is of a particular importance, since DDFAO is not looking for lesions. If the body is used to function with a particular lesion with no harm, DDFAO will not show a disorder. Similarly, if a treatment is appropriate and suppress the initial disorder, DDFAO will only show that, as a result of the good treatment, the body returned in an homeostatic (i.e. well balanced) state.

Treatment follow-up
Dynamic comparisons between the patient’s functional states, as recorded during two different visits. The values are instantly compared and DDFAO will pinpoint all the areas which have come closer to the homeostatic state, also highlighting the areas where the disorders have increased, allowing the doctor to take immediate corrective actions, before new external symptoms even appeared. Ultimately, DDFAO will allow to assert the return to the homeostatic state of a patient, thus indicating if the treatment must be continued even when the external symptoms have disappeared.


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