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What are the benefits of DDFAO ?


What are the benefits of DDFAO ?

– Non-invasive method of investigation, for the full body at the same time ;

– Operator independency, thanks to its large flat pods and smart scanning technique that extracts the patient’s own metabolism parameters ;

– Offload the doctor’s workload : no need for highly trained operators, and the analysis can be made at a different time or remotely ;

– Quick and fast : narrow the scope of the search for the origin of a problem, with its own analysis of risks proposed ;

– Evaluate treatment efficiency and possible side-effects ;

– Save costs (less time, less lab examinations, less visits) ;

– Hi-Tech communication tool for the doctor ;

– Easy to understand education tool for the patient ;

– Communication and sharing of the results (print, email, …) ;

– Ease of use, with its acclaimed ‘at your finger-tip’ user-interface ;

– Low-cost per diagnosis ;

– Organization of the work : DDFAO conveniently keeps track of all the patient’s data and visits measurements in its easy-to-retrieve folder organization ;

– Time saving (think of it as if 69 blood pressure measurements were conducted at the same time on 69 different places of the body… if this was only possible !) ;

– Embedded statistics and maintenance tools.


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