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What are the indications for DDFAO ?


What are the indications for DDFAO ?

General medicine
As a complementary investigation tool to the clinical observation, DDFAO will determine:

whether homeostasis is respected and if it is not, suggest further conventional examinations,
the cause and origin of the functional diseases,
the functional complications of lesions,
assert the complete curing of all diseases.


By visualising the psychoneuro-endocrino-immune connection DDFAO can help:

to understand the causes of hypo-fertility or sterility,
to monitor difficult pregnancies.


The inflammatory region revealed by the DDFAO can help:

to evaluate the cardiovascular risk,
to initiate action to prevent the pathology,
to monitor the treatment of cardiovascular diseases,
to treat aggravating factors (cortisol, sympathetic system, psychology, immunity).


Distinguish between allergy and chronic inflammation,
to monitor treatments.

Estimate the body’s recovery potential before surgery and thereby reduce the risk of neucosomial diseases,
reduce stress before surgery,
improve healing.

Anti-age medicine
The ESG provides a view of inflammation and tissue ischemia which significantly increases entropy.

Visualize the psychoneuro-endocrino-immune connection and monitor the replacement therapy.

Psychology and psychiatry
Visualize the psychoneuro-endocrino-immune connection and acquire a greater understanding of the origin of psychiatric pathologies or behaviour.
Visualize the psychoneuro-endocrino-immune connection and acquire a greater understanding of the origin of obesity or anorexia.


Determine the combination of oxydizing stress and alkalosis state, which promotes genetic damage responsible for initiating cancer, and introduce prevention at this stage,
view the dysfunction caused by the cancerous lesion and restore homeostasis to improve prognosis,
therapeutic monitoring.

Visualize the psychoneuro-endocrino-immune connection and acquire a greater understanding of the origin of digestive problems (constipation, mucosal hyper-permeability ….)
Sports medicine
Practicing a sport at a high level requires an optimal state of homeostatic balance : visualizing the levels of stress and oxygenation at muscle level, as well as the athlete’s psychological condition will influence his or her performance.

Skin diseases often have psychological, endocrine, immune system, allergic or hepatic origins… Visualization of the psychoneuro-endocrino-immune connection is used to determine the origin of pathologies and appropriate treatment.

Pain-relief medicine
Practicing neuro-functional auricular acupuncture helps to reduce almost all types of pain. Several hospitals relieve cancer sufferers using this method and publication prove that this technique has given results where was ineffective.

Homeopathy acts without drugs, using the transmission of low frequency electromagnetic waves. DDFAO which records the bio-conductivity, is well-suited to recommend the most suitable homeopathic or bio-electronic treatment.
Acupuncture, empirically created by Chinese doctors 5000 years ago, is used to restore the body’s balance (yin /yang), which neurophysiologists call homeostasis. It is precisely these variations in balance and connections which are spotted by DDFAO which displays the different meridians and their electrical values, taking chrono-biology into account, without using subjective methods such as pulse-taking or the condition of the tongue.


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