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What are the principles behind DDFAO ?


What are the principles behind DDFAO ?

Unlike ENT or EAV devices (ElectroAcupuncture according to Voll), which might appear similar at first glance, DDFAO is NOT relying on a lengthy process of manually locating tiny measuring points on the acupuncture meridians throughout the body in order to evaluate ‘bio-energy flows’.

DDFAO is a true medical device which reliably measures bio-electroimpedances by mean of 6 convenient large flat pods and determines accurately body parameters like pH and blood pressures, thanks to its highly integrated electronic circuitry.

DDFAO’s integrated expert-like patented technology is also able to interpret these data by applying the neurophysiology principles and to propose automatically its own analysis of the patient’s risks in less than 3 minutes (measuring time included), instead of simply printing out the measurements results as a set of raw data which require significant time of a trained person for the analysis !

Unlike Body Composition Analyzers, devices of similar appearance which also measure bio-electroimpedances but determine only characteristics of the body like good and bad fat, weight of the bones, percentage of water…, with no further analysis, even for the most sophisticated ones, DDFAO expert-like system is able to deliver a full analytical report on the detailed functioning of the complete body with organs and systems (down to the hormones), along with quantifying the risks for pathologies, giving recommendations for conventional examinations, and suggestions for therapies.


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