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What is DDFAO?


What is DDFAO?

1. What is a hawk show?

The French Eagle DDFAO electronic scanning system uses the world’s first low-voltage DC stimulation technology, and 3D reconstruction can visually see the whole body. Currently introduced in Tianjin, the disease risk of the body’s 15 major systems can be assessed in 5 minutes, and 201 system function values ​​and parameters (various organs, biochemistry, neurotransmitters, electrolytes, blood gas, pH, free radicals) are detected. Tumor risk, etc., and a comprehensive health guidance system.\

2. What is the scientific nature of the Eagle Show?
Eagle DDFAO automatic body health scanning system, developed by France, was first used in aerospace industry, achieved civilian use in 2004, and has obtained European CE certification, US FDA certification, ISO9001 quality system certification, China SFDA certification. And other authority certification. In the country, many well-known hospitals and medical examination institutions, including the People’s Liberation Army 301 Hospital, have introduced the equipment.

3. What are the characteristics of the Eagle Show?

Early understanding of the biological activity and functional status of functional human lesions in early stages, early warning of potential pitfalls such as tumors. Intelligent Full-automatic scanning, full intelligent analysis, and full-scale imaging. Accurate 5-level evaluation criteria, clinical compliance rate is greater than 85.7%.
Comprehensive 201 clinical indicators without missing detection, automatic risk assessment, grading. Fast 5 minutes to complete the body 9+12 system health scan, risk assessment
Non-invasive 1.25V low-voltage DC stimulation technology for non-invasive detection, 3D digital reconstruction.


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