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What is unique about DDFAO technology ?


What is unique about DDFAO technology ?

DDFAO is not representing these data on a hard-to-read list of numbers or hard-to-interpret graphics, but in a similar way that the data collected by mean of ultrasounds are displayed after calculations in an echography, DDFAO generates several reconstituted color graphic images in its unique easy-to-read yet comprehensive way.

DDFAO’s unique power does not stop with its quick measurement time and easy-to-read colorful screenshots : DDFAO’s embedded expert-like system instantaneously proposes to the doctor its own analysis of the risks related to the current condition of the patient, suggesting possible complementary conventional examinations and actions related to several possible therapies.

This is made possible by DDFAO’s embedded expert-like system which integrates the neurophysiology models describing the way the different systems regulate the human body in order to maintain it in a well-balanced state (like the sympathic, parasympathic, endocrine, immune, central nervous systems, …) with the active links between each one of their elements, which lead to pinpointing the discrepancies between the expected behaviors of the different elements of the body and their actual states, revealed by the measurements.

DDFAO is not intended to replace doctors but is an easy-to-use investigation tool designed to help the doctor to quickly spot the disorders of a patient. It remains under the doctor’s full responsibility to filter the relevant information according to his patient’s knowledge and historical record and deliver the final diagnosis –even if the input of the patient’s clinical context details will filter DDFAO’s proposed automatic analysis of risks for an even more accurate diagnosis.


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