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Who is using DDFAO ?


Who is using DDFAO ?

Private doctors
As an easy-to-amortize diagnosis tool in their office, DDFAO will save time in getting a quick initial check-up for the new patients, narrowing the scope of the search with conventional examinations, then in appreciating the prescribed treatment’s benefits or side-effects, and finally asserting the complete functional recovery of the patient, once the external symptoms have disappeared. DDFAO’s suggestions for different therapies also help specialists (homeopaths, nutritionists, acupunctures, ear-therapists, osteopaths, etc…) to quickly determine where to apply the appropriate treatment.

Private clinics
With its multi-doctor hierarchical organization, DDFAO as an organizational tool, will enable each department to keep track of their own patients records and monitor all department activities –each one benefiting of DDFAO powerful features. All DDFAO devices may be linked on the clinic’s local network, share the same database and centralize the analysis and the printouts.

Public hospitals
Above all features and benefits, with its high throughput and operator-independency, DDFAO will also help to quickly route the incoming patients to the relevant department. Additionally, some research work can be performed with DDFAO’s detailed measurements values available any time at finger’s request.

‘Flying doctors’
With its comprehensive yet systemic approach, DDFAO is ideal for remote ‘on-the-move’ screening and diagnosis in villages, in the absence of nearby examinations laboratories.

With its high throughput, DDFAO is ideal to realize large scale a quick screening and a statistical analysis of the concerned groups of population.

With its extremely simplified procedure and being totally operator-independent, DDFAO is especially designed for the ‘telemedicine’, where any low-skilled operator can remotely make the measurements at the patient’s site and transmit the data using telephone, email (or even SMS), to the doctor in charge of the analysis and allow him to issue the diagnosis with no displacement.

‘Alternative doctors’
Thanks to its exclusive screens for instant ‘Before’ and ‘After’ comparisons, DDFAO will help them to explain and demonstrate the efficiency of their treatments.

Healthcare centers & Gyms
With is ease-of-use, DDFAO can not only measure their customers improvements but also detect their risks early and prevently direct them to further conventional examinations.

Sports doctors
With its simplified interface and quick diagnosis time, by visualizing the levels of stress and oxygenation at muscle level, as well as the athlete’s psychological condition, DDFAO will determine the ultimate treatment or massage for sport teams or individuals during the preparation and just before or after a competition (pain-relief, stress, …).

Health products suppliers
Thanks to its exclusive screens for instant ‘Before’ and ‘After’ comparisons, DDFAO will help them to convince skeptical prospects of the efficiency of their products, from herbal supplements to FIR and NanoTechnology products.

All-of-the-above will use DDFAO’s unique colorful imaging interface as an efficient communication tool to help the patients to understand their own functioning and personal needs, and evaluate the adequation of the proposed treatment with their own personal metabolism.


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