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Why DDFAO diagnosis tool?


Why DDFAO diagnosis tool ?

In the old days, when the engine of your car was exhibiting some noisy or smelly sign of disorder, you had to refer it to a specialist : a skilled old-timer in a garage would appropriately stick his screw-driver on some specific spots of the running engine before delivering his sober diagnosis. Even though this looked magic, it worked most of the time, as long as you can find them… Since they universally tend to disappear these days, the modern car industry has come-up with new diagnosis tools which allow young mechanical engineers to deliver a timely and accurate functional diagnosis after hooking-up a computer-based analyzing tool to the engine –with no magic.

Each year, the medical industry is presenting new medical devices focusing on different pathologies, but very few medical devices like DDFAO are addressing the needs of the general practitioner to ease his search of the origin of his patient’s problem with a global approach, taking all systems into consideration, and shortening the time needed for his analysis work, not requesting laboratory examinations to start with.

Interestingly enough, outside of the surgical block where the patient’s functional state is monitored in detail, no medical device before DDFAO was addressing the needs of the functional medicine in the private doctor’s office or as initial check-up for screening purposes in school or in public hospitals, enabling quick locating of the origin of a problem, not just looking for symptoms to be treated.

As an example, an ECG will not provide a functional state of the heart. It is an ‘instant picture’ that may help to spot a problem in the heart, but one can have a good ECG and… an infraction one hour later ! It is actually requiring an arteriography to get the functional state of the heart but it is a heavy and costly examination. Like an arteriography, DDFAO will help the doctor to narrow the scope of the search and quickly evaluate the functioning of his patient’s heart and cardiovascular system –in 2 minutes, right in his office. If needed, the doctor will then suggest conventional examinations to his patient, to identify precisely a possible lesion.


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